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I've made a few Bluetooth speakers recently (links below) and whilst they are great to look at and fantastic to listen to but the "Name" that comes up on my phone (or Bluetooth streaming device) is either:

1) Something boring like "CSR 8645"!


2) The same as another speaker (if I've used the same module)

I've discovered a way to reprogram this "Friendly Name" It's pretty straight forwards but there are a few steps...

Lets begin:

Links to my BT speaker projects:

Step 1: Purchase a SPI Programmer

Picture of Purchase a SPI Programmer

To reprogram the CSR chip you need to talk to it using an SPI interface. The equipment you need is a USB to SPI converter. Here is a link to the programmer I purchased. I don't think it's a genuine one but it still works

Here is another one (authentic?). This one has the pin-out printed on the case (different pin out to the one I purchased)!!!

Hi, thanks
for your videos, very helpful.

I have to
rename a CSR8645 (the 6.5 volts version, this one:

I do
get how to connect:


CLK -->K



quite confused about all the others connections. I saw you used a resistor, but
I can’t see where you connect it.

you please help me?

a lot
ssashton8 days ago
I have some CSR8675 modules, but they will not switch to the aptX codec, they are stuck using SBC. Does anybody have an idea what's going on? I wonder if there is a firmware setting I need to enable? (P.S. the problem is not my phone, I can use aptX on other receivers)

zdravke1 month ago
PCSW link is dead, returns 404. See this for alternate links:
JohnB10582 months ago
Hi just stumbled on your post.Recently purchased a couple of CSRA64215 ( in an attempt to add bluetooth audio and calling functions to daughters car. All media works fine but when connected via phone the external party cannot hear my voice.. Tried have tried a couple 2 pin condensing mic's (see image attached )that i know work and have been tested on pc. I have a question open with seller but not confident he understands electronic, and to be fair nor do I. could it be he has shipped the pcb's with mic disabled. ? any advise would be grateful. I have been looking at the programming module, but reluctant to purchase additional components in case i am missing anything.
EliasC395 months ago
Hi sjowett I am trying to make an bluetooth audio player I have almost done the pcb. But There is only thing I need to know before completing and ordering the pcb. Does spi_en need to be connected to the isp module to be able to program a csr8645? Also could you please help me by checking if there is any errors in the design i have made? (The correct wiring is on the pcb but not on the schematic)

Regards Elias
Here is a link to my pcb layout
Hi, I don't have any ISP programmer like yours but as you know , arduino uno boards support ISP programming mode! could you please tell me how can I use arduino uno as programmer instead your ISP programmer.
I apologize if my english language speaking is not as well as you
beparker5 months ago
CSR have changed ownership. Bluesuite does not seem to be available with Qualcomm. Any updated information?
johnyradio9 months ago
hi, great instructable! But your pinouts don't match the pinouts i see on the ebay module i have. No idea how to connect battery power to this module. Any ideas? thx!
CSR645 module pns.jpg
sjowett (author)  johnyradio9 months ago
The battery is connected to "BAT" for the battery positive and the battery negative is connected to GND. The battery is shown in the left hand corner of your picture. You may also need to connect the Power_EN to the battery positive bia a 10k resistor to wake the unit up. -I'm not sure this is required for programming though.
in your pic, bat is shown at 5th pin up on the bottom left.
in my pic, bat is shown at 4th pin up on the bottom left.

Is my pic incorrect? Comes from the ebay page.

sjowett (author)  johnyradio9 months ago
Looks like my pic is pointing to the wrong pin - I think your pic is correct. Ill try update soon!

a bit off-topic: if i'm not trying to program the board, just power-up with a battery, and pair to my smartphone, can the power_en be connected permanently to bat? i'm unable to pair-- just seeing a Mac address instead of CSR8645's name. When i try to pair i get an error.

Is it necessary to long-press PIO7? i think I've read that's the "pair enable" pin.

fixed. No probs with a new module. Bad board, i guess.
livacreative9 months ago
I have a question about CSR 8630(b04u). Is that necessary to connect SP_EN for programming
to change the name? The board I have doesn't have that pin(image attached).
Thanks in advance,
Grauengel10 months ago
This link: seems to be dead. There are some soft sites mostly in Chinese but I was failed to download from them.
klsc18061 year ago

Hi, nice tutorial, but after I registered to csr and logged in, I can't access the download area. Accesss not allowed for my user account. If I click request access, then I get an error message that my domain ist not, trustworthy but its my own domain.

Is there now other way to get the latest bluetooth suite?


sjowett (author)  klsc18061 year ago Try this Youtube link - there is a copy of the software linked below the video

many thanks! I would test it.

sjowett (author) 1 year ago

any error message? Try save it to a place you know you have access to like the desktop.

BuğrahanK1 year ago

Hİ , after I press that dump everything is okey but ".psr" file is not saved , How can I fix this ? I uninstalled and reinstall BlueSuit many times

TomášT431 year ago


I have registered to caraupport, but I am getting error that I don't have necessary privileges to access It seems they changed the privileges, so now you can't simply download their software anymore. Can you please check using your profile?