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Picture of CC3200 Wi-Fi board for Internet of Things

Great news for Internet of Things people!

Texas Instruments CC3200-LAUNCHXL board is now supported by Energia v.13+

Energia is Arduino environment adapted for Texas Insturments chips.

CC3200 can be programmed using TI CCStudio but it is much more complicated to Energia:

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Step 1: Energia installation and try

Picture of Energia installation and try

After downloading Energia unzip it and click on energia.exe.

No installation, so easy!

Select CC3200 as output board and serial port. I already had device drivers installed from CCStudio.

It is no longer necessary to toggle SOP2 jumper every time for programming. Connect a jumper wire between SOP2 and J8 as shown in picture below.

If WiFi examples do not work for you you might have an lder board version and need to use Uniflash and update bootloader. I did not need to update mine.

Blink example

runs immediately blinking the red LED.


It did not run as A0 is not specified. How to write input PIN_58 or 58 or ADC1 or analogRead(6)? See next.


It displays ADC value on serial and as yellow LED intensity

const int analogInPin = 6; // this is pin number on P1 header PIN_59

const int analogOutPin = 9; // yellow LED

Thermometer TMP006 example did not compile.

QuickTMP006.ino:17:20: fatal error: tmp006.h: No such file or directory.
TMP006.cpp:(.text.setup+0x10): undefined reference to `tmp006::begin(unsigned short)' TMP006.cpp.o: In function `loop': TMP006.cpp:(.text.loop+0x14): undefined reference to `tmp006::getTempStruct(TMP006_TempStruct*)'

AmirC14 years ago

I recently got a cc3200 lauchpad and installed ccs 6, later installed energia to work with, I formated and updated new firmware. I programmed the lauchpad using energia by making the jumper sop2 to j8 and my program blink led is successfully uploaded but i cannot see the led blinking. Is there any other pin to connect to see out put or remove some please guide!!!