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Picture of Build a Smart Gomoku Playing Robot with Hexbot

In this Instructable project, we will build a smart Gomoku playing robot with the Hexbot desktop robot arm. The Hexbot robot arm is a high precision desktop robot arm with 0.05mm high repeatability and modular design. It comes with 5 end effectors includes a pen holder, laser engraver module, 3D printer module, suction cup, and soft gripper.

Play Gomoku with Hexbot

With the high precision and up to 500g payload capability, Hexbot can be applied in some small scale industry. We can do something very cool with Hexbot, such as laser engraving our phone case and sorting different objects with the OpenMV kit and 3D printing:

Drawing a SpongeBob with Hexbot

Play "Happy Birthday" with Hexbot

Sorting M&Ms with Hexbot

Packing an iPhone box with two Hexbot

Here is the whole process of making the smart Gomoku playing robot:

Hexbot also comes with a conveyor belt and a sliding rail and we can combine them with Hexbot to build a mini production line on our desktop. Here is the Kickstarter video of Hexbot and this project is crowdfunding now, learn more about Hexbot here.

Step 1: Prepare Tools and Materials

Picture of Prepare Tools and Materials


  • Hexbot Robot Arm
  • Power supply
  • Suction cup kit
  • Soft hose
  • 14-inch touchscreen
  • Gomoku sticker


  • Double-sided tape
  • Screwdriver


  • Qt Creator 5.11
  • Arduino IDE
Fun idea for a project :)
Very cool. Playing a robot is so much more awesome than playing a regular computer program.
herry08128 months ago
Wow! You must have a Hexbot first.