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Picture of Brewing Sencha, a Japanese Green Tea
Brewing Sencha is an art that takes some experience to get right. In this Instructable I plan to give some tips that will make it easier and faster to learn.

Things you will need:
Loose leaf Sencha
Kyusu (Japanese teapot)
Tea cup
Measuring spoons
6oz hot water

Culinary thermometer
Glass liquid measuring cup

Rounded teaspoon- A teaspoon with a small mound above the lip of the measuring tool.
Teaspoon- Tea should be flat with the top of the measuring tool.
Steep- To soak the tea in hot water

Step 1: Selecting and Storing Your Tea

Picture of Selecting and Storing Your Tea
Sencha is a flavorful yet delicate tea that needs to be carefully stored to maintain freshness.  Here are some tips on storage and choosing fresh tea at a store that carries it in bulk.

Always ask to see and smell the tea before purchasing. Fresh sencha should have the following characteristics:
   - Intense, deep green color
   - Clean, fresh grassy scent
   - Unbroken, tightly rolled leaves

Sencha should be stored in an opaque airtight container in a cool, dry place. It should remain fresh for about one year after it was picked. A quality tea store should be able to tell you roughly when this took place for the tea you've purchased.

Your sencha will still be drinkable after one year but you'll find that its flavor has deteriorated noticeably. 
Cgreg11136 years ago
Awesome instructable! I was actually planning to make an instructable just like yours, (on how to brew sencha) but you explain it much better than I could.
You have a beautiful kyusu. Is it from Den's tea? Also, where did you get the sencha that is in the pictures?
amd2006 (author)  Cgreg11136 years ago
Thank you! My kyusu is indeed from Den's. It's the "Teapot Kokoro" but it would appear that they no longer sell it.

The tea in the pictures is Mellow Monk Top Leaf. It's my favorite! My bag is from last year's harvest though, I'll be buying more soon.