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Picture of Boffer Double-bladed Battle Axe

For a long time, I've wanted to create a combat ready, double-bladed Battle-Axe, but I couldn't find a good set of instructions online. Due to this, I used various materials left over from previous Boffer projects to build this, which both looks good and is completely safe for dueling. The project took about 5 hours to complete, not counting the time I spent waiting for the adhesive to dry. However, I was figuring this out as I went, so it may take less time for someone else.

This is a moderately difficult project, and I wouldn't advise it until you have several projects under your belt. It is particularly helpful to have some experience with making flat-bladed weapons, as that is a key component of this design. Try creating a warhammer or flat sword for practice, and then moving on to building this project.

Yes, I am aware that this weapon is not historically accurate. Real Battle-axes didn't have two blades, as the benefit from the second blade was far outweighed by the weight it added. Frankly, I didn't really care about making historical weapons, I just wanted something that looked neat.

This project gives you a great costume accessory, or you can just use it to beat the stuffing out of your buddies in LARP.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Here is a list of the materials and tools I used to create this weapon.


Spray adhesive (optional, can be found at Walmart or most hobby stores)

Camping/Yoga Mat (look for it anywhere that sells exercise equipment or outdoor items)

PVC (any good hardware store has this)

Pool Noodle (This is cheap during the summer, and but can expect to spend 3 to 4 times as much during the winter)

Duct tape: (You may need two rolls, depending on how efficiently you use it)

Gorilla Tape (If you don't have it already, don't bother getting it: you only need 2 meters, and duct tape works nearly as well)

Open Cell Foam (this can be taken from old sofa cushions, or found online)


Hot Glue Gun

Utility knife


Hacksaw or PVC cutter

I would estimate the cost to get the materials at about $20-$30, but as everything needed is sold in bulk, this gives you enough to make two or three weapons. These materials are pretty common, so If you're into Boffer, you may already have half this stuff lying around in your basement.

Nice boffer weapon design. What LARPing group do you play in?