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Step 4: "Let's Get Crazy"

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We're going to make a nice litte sunrise here.

1. Using the bright blue ("butter please"), paint a strip onto the magic eraser.

2. Working quickly so the paint doesn't dry, paint a strip of the lighter blue, (sort of overlapping this one onto the bright blue).

3. Next, a wide strip of bright pink on the eraser sponge.

4. Now, an even wider strip of the bright blue.

5. Making sure the wider strip of bright blue is going onto the tip of you nail, slowly...

6. roll the eraser over your nail. In the picture, I'm applying from the right side, rolling towards the left.

7. Only roll over your nail once. Rolling it over again will sponge the polish right back off.

If the gradient colors are too faint, repeat steps 5-7 over the same nail to get a more bold sunrise.