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Picture of Bob Ross Nails

Hey everyone! I am thrilled to be able to show y'all how to put a likeness of a Bob Ross painting on your nails!! The painting I followed is called Island In The Wilderness, and I just love it!

“I think each of us, sometime in our life, has wanted to paint a picture.” -Bob Ross

Step 1: “All You Need to Paint Is a Few Tools, a Little Instruction, and a Vision in Your Mind.”

Picture of “All You Need to Paint Is a Few Tools, a Little Instruction, and a Vision in Your Mind.”
hockeyGal141 month ago
What a cool design!!!!!! i absolutely love it!
Marianholdings (author)  hockeyGal141 month ago
Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you like it
I don't pant my nails but this is the best thing ever.
Marianholdings (author)  thepoisonivy1 month ago
I'm glad you like it! Thanks :)
nirim1 month ago
Cool !!!
Marianholdings (author)  nirim1 month ago
Thanks! :)
ScottD2341 month ago
out of all the instructables ive seen over the years this is my favourite... It's soo good... Bob Ross what a legend !! <3
Marianholdings (author)  ScottD2341 month ago
Thanks for such an amazing compliment! Bob IS a legend! :)
sambolic1 month ago
This. is. amazing. I'm a dude who under normal circumstances could not care less about what some lady's nails look like. But I just sent an invite to some female friends for a Bob Ross nail painting night. This is such a cool idea. Bravo! Love Bob Ross.
Marianholdings (author)  sambolic1 month ago
I love that! I can't wait to see some pictures!!! :D
Mimikry1 month ago
Bob Ross = Childhood memory :)
Cool idea to make the hairy guy remembered!
Thank you!
Marianholdings (author)  Mimikry1 month ago
You're so welcome! Thanks for reading! :)
PoppyBlue1 month ago
This has to be the best Instructable ever!
I love Love LOVE it!!!!!-
Marianholdings (author)  PoppyBlue1 month ago
Aww thanks for your positivity!! :)
attosa1 month ago
How very cute! You brought Bob back to life here. I could hear his soft soothing voice. :)
Marianholdings (author)  attosa1 month ago
Aw thanks! I'm glad ;)
I love everything about this! Your nails look awesome and the Bob Ross quotes you sprinkled in are just perfect! :D
Marianholdings (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM1 month ago
Thanks so much!