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Picture of Beer Die Table
Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.48.15 AM.png

For our final project, I wanted to make something that I would use often. A treasured game within my friends is Beer Die, which you can see above. One of the major parts of the game is the actual die hitting the table. I thought that it would be awesome to sense the impact, and then give feedback to whether or not you hit the table. After researching vibration sensors, it seemed as though regular Piezos were mostly used for music, but then I viewed an Instructable which used a Piezo film strip to detect seismic activity. After more browsing I found something similar on Amazon which I bought. I connected this to my Arduino, along with an RGB Neopixel Strip, and when the impact of the die is detected, the Arduino has the strip light up. Lastly, the rubric of the project called for a 3D Printed aspect, so I thought that creating a custom scoreboard and connecting it to 2 buttons and a 16x2 display screen would be perfect. In order for the buttons to be within reaching distance of the player, I used an NRF to wirelessly connect the buttons from the end of the table, to where the scoreboard will be in the middle of the table. Unfortunately, the 3D Printing Labs were all booked, so I plan to add the scoreboard cover within the next week.

Step 1: Detecting Impact

Picture of Detecting Impact

In order to detect the impact, I used a Piezo Film Vibration Sensor:

The sensor is in the middle of the table, attached to the underside of the top piece of wood. I soldered wires to it so that it could reach my Arduino which is at the side of the table. The sensor is held up using hot glue, and a penny was hot glued on the end of it so that the weight would make it more receptive to vibration. When a vibration is detected, it sends a message to the Arduino, which then can use that to turn on the RGB Neopixel strip.

GaTti4203 months ago
Could this project be modified to light up when a certain force is applied to top of table?
rybitski1 year ago

Your video isn't working.