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Picture of Battery Powered ESP IoT

This instructables show how to make a Battery Powered ESP IoT base on the design in my previous instructables.

Step 1: Power Saving Design

Picture of Power Saving Design

Power consumption is a big concern for a battery powered IoT device. In order to total eliminate the long term power consumption (few mA) from the unnecessary component while running, this design decouple all those parts and shift to a development dock.

Development Dock

It consists:

  1. USB to TTL chip
  2. RTS/DTR to EN/FLASH signal converting circuit
  3. Lipo charger module

The development dock only be required while development and always connecting to the computer, so size and portable is not a big concern. I would like to use a more fancy method to make it.

IoT Device

It consists:

  1. ESP32 module
  2. Lipo battery
  3. 3v3 LDO circuit
  4. Power switch (optional)
  5. LCD module (optional)
  6. LCD power control circuit (optional)
  7. button for wake up from deep sleep (optional)
  8. other sensors (optional)

The second concern for a battery powered IoT device is compact in size and sometimes also concern portability, so I will try to use smaller components (SMD) to make. At the same time, I will add a LCD to make it more fancy. The LCD also can demonstrate how to cut the power consumption while deep sleep.

JeffP821 year ago

nice project very cool