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Picture of Bait Trap for Fishing
Minimalist version of a bait trap designed to catch small crayfish and fish. Perfect bait for crappie, smallmouth, and sunfish. The big ones are even better catfish bait.

Step 1: To Begin

You will need -
*Hot Glue Gun w/ Glue sticks
*Wire that is Waterproof (mine is thin wire with a thick plastic coating and you will need quite a bit)
*Waterproof Tape
*Screen or Wire Mesh
*Nylon Rope

Very nice!

This solves a basic problem. I can't cast a net without endangering the rest of the beach

blackarrow745 (author)  EcoExpatMike4 years ago
I have that same problem my friend! This would work well in the ocean or in the shallows, but a long rope and maybe something stronger than hot glue should be used. :D

well to buy a bait trap it would cost you $15 to $20 normally. This was like $3 dollars and it only took 45 minutes to make. That was with me taking pictures and designing it though. Have a good one!