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Automatic Catapult for Throwing Pet Food (dog, Cat, Chicken, Etc), Throwing Balls and More!

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Hello and welcome to my first Instructable!

Our dog LOVES her food, she'll quite literally eat all of it within seconds. I've been devising ways to slow this down, from balls with the food inside to throwing it all over the backyard. Amazingly, she's now like a vacuum and can find and eat the food impressively fast. So, back to the drawing board and I came up with this device to assist her to slow down and enjoy her food :)


Picture of CONCEPT

Please take the few seconds to enjoy the 2 videos, they explain a lot.

But, in words, the basic concept is that the Rotator servo rotates and pulls down the catapult arm. It does this until it touches the limit switch. Then the Trigger servo goes to the hold position, which holds down the catapult arm. The Rotator servo then rewinds to the original position, ready for the next throw.

The Food Delivery servo rotates the pipe and delivers some food (or other things) to the catapult arm container/head. The Trigger servo then turns and lets the spring pull back the catapult arm and flings the food.

In testing, this setup catapulted dog food biscuits over 10 meters, with food rolling. Adjustments to servos and changing the spring will modify this completely.

Ah, what we won't do for our furry friends. Nicely and thoutghtfully done.


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NathanKing (author)  Kink Jarfold1 year ago

Absolutely KJ and thanks :)

Awesome idea. Unfortunately my cats are too lazy to play with anything that I make for them.

My cat is as well. I've made a few things for her, but she tires of them very quickly.
I've thought about trying out a randomly moving "pounce able" thing. But it'd be a lot of effort, which in all likelihood she'd ignore after 2 minutes. Cats are much more difficult to keep stimulated.