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Picture of Auto Fisherman Hook Setter

We live in west central Saskatchewan, Canada , where it is winter four to five months of the year. Nearby, there are many lakes filled with many varieties of fish including walleye, northern pike, perch, trout, and many others. So, during the winter months, ice fishing is a very popular activity. Having retired recently, I have decided to spent more time winter angling.

Here in Saskatchewan, the law allows a person to have two ice fishing lines in the water at a time. Of course, one fishing rod is usually being held, and the other fishing rod is often propped up and left to fish by itself. One tool I thought might be useful to have for the line left unattended is sometimes called an Auto Fisherman hook setter. There are also other devices called tip ups, which have a similar purpose, but work quite differently. The tip up will signal you when a fish has struck your bait, whereas hook setter tools actually assist in setting the hook when the fish strikes. There are commercially available hook setters such as the JawJacker, but I decided to try to make one. Before making a device of this type, please check local laws to ensure that this is permitted in your area.

Step 1: ​Tools and Supplies Used:

Picture of ​Tools and Supplies Used:

I have a collection of salvaged materials that I saved when I worked as a satellite dish installer and from installing data projectors in schools. Here is a list of supplies and tools I used to make this project.

Drill and bit for 1/4” holes.

wrenches to tight bolts

Wire cutter and pliers to cut and bend the wire

Scrap piece of board

Various bolts and nuts

Braces, white metal tube from left over or salvaged work projects

wire coat hanger

Knob, sleeve and bolt salvaged from work projects

Fish Terminator

ThothLoki2 years ago

Cool idea. One thing to consider is the local laws. I live in Minnesota USA and auto setting devices are illegal based on my research during a project similar to this. Can you please add a note to check local laws for legality in your instructable so nobody gets in trouble with the DNR or similar authority?

dale1952 (author)  ThothLoki2 years ago

The JawJacker is a device after which I modeled my Auto Fisherman. According to their website, their device is legal in all Canadian provinces and States except for Minnesota. I did, however, add a suggestion to my project to check local regulations regarding the use of this device. Thank you for your comments.

Thanks. Great instructable. I just don't want anyone to get into legal trouble because of ignorance. I am jealous

The main reason I post this is because I did converse with two DNR officers on Lake of the Woods. Something like this is frowned upon there.

fixfireleo2 years ago

i dont mean to be mean but if you are so lazy that you cant set your own hook, maybe you should do crosswords instead.

kbouchard12 years ago

I see no difference in doing this versus using an ice fishing trap(s). So the legality of it seems pretty normal. Plus there is no guarantee to catch a fish with it, since the fish could still get away. What I do think is who would write a law that allows you to use 2 jig poles at the same time. How can you operate them, well yeah I guess you do have 2 hands. Laws here in Maine are that your limited to X number of traps, and still allowed to use fishing poles. I don't see it as a living but as a hobby, so the likely hood to deplete the lake of fish? Here the law is more focused in the number of fish your allowed to catch on a daily basis. If you hit your legal limit then you pack up for the day.

That is not going to be legal many places in the US. In the US fishing is a sporting hobby. Unless used in an area of the world where the fish caught are necessary for sustenance it should never be used.

Can't be nice here, that's not a sporting device, it's cheating and deserves a fine if caught.
rafununu2 years ago

What's about pleasure ?

If fishermen act as hunters, where's the world going ?

dale1952 (author) 2 years ago
You are right. It does prevent the whole contraption from being dragged into the water.
Jobar0072 years ago

That's a really cool idea. Nice trigger mechanism. I figured the crossbar was more to prevent a pike from pulling the whole shebang through the hole in the ice than more for stability. If we had more ice fishing where I live, I'd be all over it. I miss it from when I went to college in Iowa.

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