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Picture of Audio Amplifier Using TDA2050 32 Watt

Audio amplifier using TDA2050 IC max output of 32Watt

Step 1: Components List

2x1K Resistors
2x22k Resistors
2x1000uF Capacitor
1x2 Ohm Resistor
1x0.47uf Cap
1x20K Potentiometer
1xBridge Rectifier

baotrangl3 years ago


my amplyfier used TDA2050A are buzzing. please tell me the cause?

CircuitToday (author)  baotrangl3 years ago
Check for any shorts.if its ok try adding capacitors to the power supply
DakuluD3 years ago

The ori version of TDA2050 has been discont...on 2012..Right now only the clone of TDA2050 on the market...This clone version 25W only..The ic protection not guaranteed 100% work.3A max...nomore 32W TDA2050 now...

For the price...on my country...TDA2040 $12.50 .... TDA2050 clone only $7.45..

TDA2040 more stable on low voltage .

CircuitToday (author) 4 years ago
Thanks For Comment
CircuitToday (author) 4 years ago
Here In India It Cost 50 Rs
1001abhar4 years ago

hello sir, can you please tell to me what is the cost of TDA2050 ic ? thank for the reading.......

Looks good
CircuitToday (author)  Flamenco.Guytaryn4 years ago
Thanks For The Comment