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Step 3: Design and 3D Print the Case

Picture of Design and 3D Print the Case

After we have measured the parts, it is time to design a 3D case and print it!


Here is the link to my design on tinkercad:

Case above is designed to perfectly fit all the components listed above.

Front part will hold the LCD screen and color sensor.

Main 3x7 cm PCB will hold DFRDuino Pro Mini, battery holders and 3 push buttons and will be screwed on the back part from inside.

RGB LED will sit inside the top section of the back part.

Power switch will fit in the small hole on the back part.


3D models ready for printing are available on Thingiverse:

Print settings may vary depending on your printer.

Supports are needed for battery cover part and front part because front part has a built in distancer to provide distance between color sensor and specimen.

If you don't own a 3D printer, you can get printed case from Shapeways: click here


For assembly instructions please refer to the assembly section of the video provided at the begining.