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Picture of Apache SSL WebDav Server
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While DropBox and other online storage solotuoin are good I find I'm always running out of space and not wanting to choose what files I deiced to build a DropBox like Cloud storage server.

The solution that have come up with uses two network protocols Webdav. I have used WebDav used for the external network access as it design to work over HTTP & HTTPS. While you can use SMB over the internet the performance can be slow over a link that has a high latency which most home internet connection likely have.

WebDav can run over HTTPS so that information accessed over the internet is enycpted.

I've used Unison is a file-synchronization to sync the Files

All of this is running on ubuntu Linux using the Apache WebServer.

A few points to notice before you start

You may need to check what your ISP terms are and id you are allowed to run a web server on your connection also you need to check your up load speed as if you want to stream movies you'll need at least 256 KB

You also need to understand that when ever you allow access to a computer on your network from the internet you are opening it up to attack to protect remember to choose secure passwords.

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
A Computer to use for the server (you could run the server on a virtual machine meaning you wouldn't need a 2nd machine)

A copy of Ubuntu Server 10.4 ready to install

An active network internet connection

coal_train1 year ago

So helpful! Thank you!

TomR8313 years ago

They changed a lot with WebDAV and Auth Digest from Apache 2.2 to 2.4.

Check the archwiki manpage to fill out the blanks. SSL is still the same

RaiN33 years ago

thanks for this information . . .webdev

cordcole5 years ago

I keep on getting this error chown: invalid group: `www-data:webdav'

Do you have any ideas on how to solve this problem ?

hot-chili6 years ago
The BarracudaDrive WebDAV server is much easier to setup.
BarracudaDrive is also faster and much lighter.
nofed6 years ago
I tried this on ubuntu server 12 and was able to access the default page, but when trying to access webdav I couldn't because of the username and password. With the way you have your tutorial set-up, is the user "cloudspace" or "cloud" or something else?

Lets say my user name is bob.
so on this "sudo chown www-data:user /home/user/webdav" would it be
sudo chown www-data:bob /home/bob/webdav

and would this be...
Alias /webdav /home/bob/webdav

Options Indexes MultiViews
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
allow from all


AuthType Digest
AuthName "cloudspace"
AuthUserFile /etc/password/digest-password
Require valid-user