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Picture of Make a Simple Audio Amplifier
Hello Friends,

This is my first instructable. In this instructable i tell about a "Stereo Amplifier". Which is based on LM-6283 Amplifier IC. This Amplifier IC is mostly use in Radio, Tap, DVD, CD, VCD and simple amplifier circuit. I try to make amplifier more comfortable and Compaq size. In this amplifier I am use a MP3 player circuit which is support USB, Micro SD card, Auxiliary pin, FM radio with a remote control function. This sound amplifier consists good audio quality and clean base sound.

Step 1: Major Requirement

1 x Amplifier Circuit LM-6283

1 x MP3 Player Panel Buy here

2 x RC Male and Female Pins

1 x 12 V Power Female Adapter

1 x 7805 IC

1 x Auxiliary Pin

1 x 12 V and 1Amp Power Supply

1 x Laptop Charger Size Enclosure Box (Plastic box)

AshokK17 (author) 2 years ago
you can connect this by a 12 v battery
AshokK17 (author) 3 years ago
kmossman2 years ago
Laptop Charger is a PWM regulator which could give problems with the Audio IC
kmossman2 years ago
I can see any spec sheets for the LM6283 ....................
kmossman2 years ago
Always a good idea to put a diode in series with the power jack to prevent a reverse voltage from damaging the circuit[s]
VijayS122 years ago
Thanks for circuit idea , I have assembled above , everything working fine , only the humming from usb panel could not eradicated , when usb panel is put off there no humming from amplifire circuit , please help .

Did you use capacitors before and after the 7805 IC? See the spec sheet for details. Grounding could also be the problem.

PareshS53 years ago

how to add potentiometer (volume control) to this ?

probably a 10K will do, but make sue it a LOG note, and not a LIN type

AshokK17 (author)  PareshS52 years ago
you can add potentiometer by cut the path of audio input signal and reconnect by a potentiometer.

one thing is that this circuit consist a IR remote. i forgot attach the remote image.
DaddyY3 years ago

can i connect it to a car battery?

what can this thing do? Does it have a flashing LED?