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Welcome to my build!

This costume with headpiece/mounts etc etc took the longest amount of time out of any of my previous builds. Everything was built from scratch, hand painted, and molded together!

It took in all over 50+ hours to complete the whole build, and 90% of that time was JUST spent on the face and headpiece.

ENJOY seeing the process of making this vision come to life and I hope it inspires you!

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Step 1: Building the frame cap

Materials Used:

Copper bendable wire

Liquid latex

GoPro head mount

acrylic paint

Crafting plaster

Styrofoam golf balls

Hot glue gun


1) Make a mold of your face to build and paint the latex face with later

2) Place the GoPro head mount on a Styrofoam head and begin layering liquid latex and toilet paper creating a solid "cap" hiding the GoPro mount

3) Layout the bendable copper wire flat into desired fin formation and paint three layers of liquid latex to create the master head fin

4) Cut the Styrofoam golf balls in half and latex/build them into the head cap

5) Hand paint the fins your desired color scheme

5) Bend the latex of the fin back exposing the bottoms of the copper wire and press/hot glue them into the Styrofoam pieces on the head cap

Its very scary good for Halloween
nikkiact2 years ago
Wtf!!! This is insane! How come it doesn't have 1million views. Hope at least you win the contest.
Also, how did you made the mask and ears?
eternalskyjump (author)  nikkiact2 years ago

The Mask is a latex foam then painted, same with the ears.

eternalskyjump (author)  nikkiact2 years ago

Hey @nikkiact! Thanks! I've tried to get this featured on the home page and more hits for contests!

Roboro2 years ago

This is amazing, you should have more views

eternalskyjump (author)  Roboro2 years ago

@Roboro, TELL ME ABOUT IT! I've tried so hard to get Instructables to feature this costume on their home page!

That is just so eerie and impressive! Awesome job on your costume!

Thanks for the possitive feedback Penolopy Bulnick! Check out the full costumbe build below!

BKLaRue2 years ago

Wow...this is one heck of a costume, fantastic work! Absolutely incredible!

eternalskyjump (author)  BKLaRue2 years ago

Thanks BKLaRue! Your Super Tasty Blueberry Bread looks YUMMY!!!

Thank you, good sir!!!
Awesome!!!! A halloween special!!!!
eternalskyjump (author)  Anirudh Ralhan2 years ago
Thanks so much Anirudh Ralhan! Took a LONG time!!!