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Picture of A ScaryBox: The House of the Spider
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This carnival, we organize a party for children of the school between 6-10 yo. You know about the boxes with textures like sand, sugar, flour and so to let the children explore it eye-closed, so I tried to give it a scary look. I decided not to use foodstuff to avoid mold when stored, so I used recycled materials for the textures, and candy as motivation.

Most of them were no scaried at all, but I'm very proud of the work, because the children played and laughed and explored a lot, I had to replenish it three times, and it still survives.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
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I used:

a big tobacco box,
a lot of sections from a thick and large cardboard tube (you may use boxes instead)
some audio (you should use video) tapes
a very big, opaque black trash bag

and lots of things laying arround the house, reserved for some-nonspecific-future use, like:

a foam cake base,
the eyes of the blister of a toy (a squirt wich contained velvet sea creatures),
some kinder eggs,
a carboard tube (no matter foil or plastic kitchen)
rubber tubing
foam stickers
those plastic strips with holes, that hold children's toys in their packaging
mosquito net

also used

plain cardboard, fishing line, elastic rubber, masking tape
and several kind of glues, staplers, knives, rulers, needles and pliers. Even a saw for the thick cardboard tube.
Periwinkle16 years ago
Brilliant. This is really creative and imaginative.
what do u do with it
Were you not reading the text it was written very clearly
infob (author)  redpepper2377 years ago
I'm not sure about your question.

The box was used in a party, with some candy inside, to let the children look for them, as it is said in the text.

After the party, the box rests over a wardrobe, waiting for halloween or my daugther's birthday or another party.
Love it very creative i just love the mouth!
scoochmaroo7 years ago
This is fantastic. I love it!