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Picture of 9/11 out of a $20 bill
this is a cool way to impress your friends with this 9/11 out of a $20 bill trick

Step 1: Get right side

Picture of Get right side
make sure you have the right side to start with. you should have the front side facing up
TrevorE4 years ago
I can't help but t wonder: WHAT WOULD POSSESS YOU TO FOLD A $20?!?!?!?!
SN1P3RL0RD6 years ago
You can do it with a 10 to.
SN1P3RL0RD6 years ago
That's cool.
Cyclone20197 years ago
Today in school my teacher showed us this instructable,
Then I told him that there was a similar trick and he shoud google "jeff the killer" (Its a famous CreepyPasta) then later when he was gone then a guy in my class googled it . . .
has anyone ever put together that 9 + 11 = 20??? and the fact that our national emergency line is 911? just a thought...
what does 9+11=20 have to do with it
911 is the emergency line so 9+11=20 and 20 dollars is the bill that is uncanny to just be a coincidence
Well, 911 is also Canada's emergency line, that one is just a coincidence.

Everything else probably is too though. Anyway, everyone can think what they want I guess.
and it looks like a paper plane with ouy the bottom bit :)
ctoledo18 years ago
i think they made it 911 because its hard to accidentally push with a 4 by 3 number pad
aquax12 years ago
Cue the conspiracy theorists.
modio aquax12 years ago
The treasury dept tried to warn us that the other parts of the govt were going to attack the towers but no one listened. So when the other parts blamed extremists we ate it up like cake. J/K
Yellow cake...? Hmmm...guards seize him!
ginolexi9 years ago
It's interesting there is no discussion on the image of the Vatican on the new $50 bill. If you go to and scroll down and click the $50 link. You can clearly see that on the first fold, there is an image of the Vatican in flames. It not even mentioned. Sometimes it's easy to miss the obvious. ( Or, you can just get a $50 and see for yourself) Does this mean that there will be an attack on the Vatican? Who knows!
Sep 15, 2009 10:24 PM
I think it means that the pope is alive but when the fire's out and the smoke stops then the pope is nope and long live the newp.

**Contrary to what it would appear, this reply isn't over a year old, it was actually typed prior to yours but you took so long to post yours I had forgotten about it until now. Pope this clears things up a little bit.
 ok... first off...any 1 who thinks th government is behind 9/11 just shut up. why would we kill many of our own country, a major trading station, and then attack an innocent country. 2nd. any 1 who can figure out 9+11=20... Congrats! you can add!  there all coincedences on any dollar bill.. most dont even look like anything! so rlly dont get all workd up about this. its just meant to b a cool trick to show your friends. not some secret government plot or something.
A good name10 years ago
No no no no no SHUT UP. 9/11 was not magically foretold 30 years before the twin towers were even built on the design for a dollar bill. If you look, those "towers" look nothing like the twin towers, so just stop. Maybe if more Americans had cared so much about political situations, rather than folding bills to tell the future, then George Bush couldn't have caused 9/11. But no you obviously have no idea what I'm talking about so just shut up.
 yes i agree it does not look like it...BUT! th $50 bill trick actually looks like th twin towers on fire...but is a complete coincidence. 
wwed10 years ago
its ok
Rjdsmith11 years ago
You All Seem suprised, The government brought down the Twin towers. Go Watch the movie "Loose Change" on youtube, Than youll be suprised
Rj, that's pathetic. That's beyond pathetic. Stop acting like the "enlightened" one after watching a video that millions of others have watched. Do more research other than just saying "Watch Loose change on youtube"
rjdsmith, your a disgrace if you agree with that statement...
Perhaps, but I often wonder if this isn't so. My first thought on 9/11 was "Oh god, they bombed their own". Not evidence in it self ofcourse but a good indicator that something is wierd when it's the first thought I have.
good point...
CrashMGD10 years ago
blugyblug10 years ago
On the Australian $5 note (We have $5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar notes. $2, 1, 20c, 10c, 50c, 5, coins) You can also do the twin towers. except its alot less complicated.
Yeah, with an Australian 5 dollar bill you can fold it to make it look like a whale doing another whale. Not the most pleasent trick, but it works. Also, supposedly UK currency can be folded to make pictures of landmarks being destroyed
How does the Aussie one work?
blugyblug 2310 years ago
The aussie one has a woman on the front . The top of her shirt is the "whale" and shes wearing a pearl necklace which is the "teeth" whales dont have teeth so its probably a shark. her neck is the ..other.. bit
noname2020x11 years ago
the pentagon is on the back
no i posted 1 like
Unforgiven_God (author) 12 years ago
Hmm...was it really necessary to tell us that? Are you expecting a prize or somthing?
Then clearly you knew what was going to happen, and you were in cahoots with the terrorists. Expect every government agency to come busting down your door within the next week.
I did this with a $10 and it had the same image only in reverse.
Lemon12 years ago has this trick and more, using all the american notes.
Killa-X12 years ago
I knew how to do this when i was 5 years old. I'm 15 right now :)
Cool man! I have been wanting how to do this forever!
aiden12000012 years ago
im scared
nak12 years ago
Try the same thing with other sized bills, I believe it actually goes in sequence as you get larger and larger, by the time its at $50 or $100 (I dont remember) its just a whisp of smoke.
paulgeering nak12 years ago
Obviously some bored person was just trying to make a paper aeroplane out of a 20, and got half way then saw the resemblence to 9/11.
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