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Picture of 5 Ways How to Remove a Stuck Brake Drum

Video tutorial on the five different ways to remove a stuck drum on a brake assembly. Depending on how the drum is stuck will affect which method is needed to remove the drum. You should get able to get an idea of how the drum is stuck by trying to move it. Either by rotating or trying to pull it from the hub. If you are able to rotate the hub, then the pads aren’t against or stuck to the braking surface. Therefore it can be rusted to the hub or has a lip on the backside which is catching up on the pads. As long as you’re able to pull the drum back slightly from the hub, then you are only dealing with a lip issue on the inside of the drum. Now on the other hand, if you cannot rotate the drum, then the pads are engaged either by rust, stuck wheel cylinder, or stuck parking brake.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • puller
  • bolts
  • ball peen hammer
  • safety glasses
  • standard screwdriver
  • drill with drill bits
  • angle grinder
  • bolt cutters
  • propane or acetylene torch set

Step 1: ​Method #1

Picture of ​Method #1

Gain access to the rear of the drum assembly and look for an inspection while which is closed up with a rubber grommet. Remove the rubber grommet which will give us access to adjust the automatic adjuster. Two screwdrivers are needed, insert the first screwdriver into the hole, push back the lock. Take the standard screwdriver and rotate the star wheel. Finally you can remove the drum.

batvette1 year ago
Method #6...air hammer. Its not a rotary tool so you only need about 4-6 cfm.
emachine561 year ago

make sure you turn the star wheel in the correct direction...turning so that it moves toward the center of the access hole (if the star wheel is moving towards the front of the vehicle when turned, you are going in the wrong direction and tightening the shoes against the drum). Spraying stuck drums with a penetrating oil like "Break Free" or even WD-40 around the lug bolt and center axle holes and then gently tapping in same highlighted area in method #2 with a hammer(the vibration helps the penetrant work) helps trememdously to break the rust bond around the lug bolts.

Nice job, forwarded it to the grands who are still learning how fix their own rides.

4DIYers (author)  emachine561 year ago

Excellent tips, thank you for sharing and support :)

tytower1 year ago
I Found some really nice pink ones that should fit you and be more suited to you