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Picture of 4WD fishing rod storage mod

Todays project: Fishing rod storage for 4WD

Ok, so a bit of a backstory behind why I wanted one of these. I am currently living in Perth, Western Australia and recently found out that the fishing rod holders that go on the bull bar of your 4WD are soon to become illegal. This style is still legal (Go figure!).

Difficulty: Easy

Expense: low

Step 1: Purchases

Picture of Purchases

I started by buying everything from Bunnings (Australia's largest hardware store chain).
Here is the list of items purchased:
*priming fluids protek-$4.50
*PVC cement solvent protek- $5.50
*PVC threaded cap 100mm radius- $4.00
*3x stainless steel hose clamps- $15.66
*push on PVC cap- $1.64
*PVC pipe 3m, 100mm radius- $21.45
*black spray paint (optional and not recommended as I will explain later on why)
TOTAL: $52.75

rocklocker3 years ago

Great idea for rod storage! Don't you just love it when Big Brother comes up with another silly law to make your life more difficult. It seems to me they would have bigger fish to fry.

Danoz (author) 3 years ago
Jobar007 that is a really good point about the black absorbing heat. I hadn't thought of that. In Perth today we just had a 37 degree day. So if my rods are melted it might be back to the drawing board
Jobar0073 years ago

I would hate to store my rods in black plastic. Heat softens epoxy. Black plastic absorbs a lot of energy from the sun and makes heat. I live above the 45 in the northern hemisphere and our sun isn't that intense. Australia is something entirely different for sun intensity.

Can you put a thermometer inside and report temperatures after a day in the sun? I'm actually curious as to how hot it would get in there...

If the push-on cap is loose, you could drive in two tacks opposite each other and above the edge of the cap pushed on. Then secure with a string/cord/bungee cord/ruberband/fastener-of-your-choice.

pisham3 years ago
Great instuctable, great idea!
You asked about painting or using a dye, check out user "Trevormates" instructable called "PVC 101". He talks about painting PVC in there.
Danoz (author)  pisham3 years ago

That was very handy and informative read. Thanks for that one.

FlipMasters3 years ago
Nice! Thanks for sharing!

Great way to store fishing rods. I hate it when you have to bend them up to fit them in a car.