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Picture of 30 Minute Pallet Coffee Table

This is a very simple project that you could build in a weekend with minimal tools and skills right in your living room.

I believe this is the easiest coffee table you can make out of pallets.

Skip right to the end if you prefer Video format.

For this project you will need:

  • 2 pallets of same dimensions
  • 4 metal casters
  • Wood lacquer/varnish
  • Some long and short screws


  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Drill and couple of drill bits

Step 1: Where to Get Your Pallets and How to Choose Them

Picture of Where to Get Your Pallets and How to Choose Them

If you live in a city, you might be puzzled how to get couple of pallets - they are seen dropped on the streets but only when you don't need them. Every time I need a pallet, suddenly its difficult to find one.

Good source for couple of clean pallets is supermarkets - go to their basement where the cars are parked. I've seen pallets being dropped there on several occasions.

When choosing your pallets I suggest to go for the cleaner ones. They will have less chemicals and harmful substances on them. Also stained ones are no good - they've been treated against pests and rot and might be dangerous.

Take care to chose a pallet that has natural wood square lugs. Lugs made from sawdust (like on the photo) are ugly and are not environment friendly.

JohnC4301 year ago

Great idea. i told my wife about it and she wanted me to make one. i said we already have a coffee table. "We can give it to our son. Go to the supermarket or to Home Depot and get the pallets."... I should not have told her about it.

Mám rád paletové dřevo. Taky se mi líbí, co jsi udělal s tou tabulkou. Budu používat vaši představu o snaze supermarket pro palety.


seamster1 year ago

Nicely done, and your metal casters look great!

LenkaDesign (author)  seamster1 year ago

Thank you!