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Picture of 3 Causes of Uneven Brake Pad Wear

Video tutorial on how to the three things which cause uneven pad wear. This video only applies to disc brakes assemblies. Designs may vary between disk brake and caliper designs. Uneven pad wear will shorten the life expectancy of your pads along with reducing your braking performance, therefore the issue must be solved as your vehicle is unsafe to drive. Some of these issues will not apply to all disc brake assemblies which I will point out in each issue.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • brake cleaner
  • file
  • scraper
  • abrasive pad
  • brake specific lubricant
  • socket set and ratchet
  • hammer

Step 1:

Picture of

There can be multiple pistons from one side on a floating caliper assembly or pistons on each side of the caliper which would be found on a fixed caliper assembly. Multi piston calipers can have one or multi pistons seize which would cause the pad to wear on an angle as it’s pushing from one side and not the other. If it is a fixed caliper assembly, a piston or pistons can stick on the one side of the rotor therefore only allowing one pad to create contact and not the other. In either situation, the safest solution is either replacing the caliper or rebuilding the unit. A used replacement caliper can be used but it’s life expectancy is unknown. Other solutions consist of rebuilding the caliper yourself if you have the proper tools for the repair, purchasing a rebuilt unit, or purchasing a new unit.

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