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These fancy southwest style earrings look involved, but are very easy and take almost no time to make. If you have your materials on hand, figure about 5 minutes per earring! My technique is super-versatile, so feel free to use beads you already own or personalize the earrings with birthstones, favorite colors etc. Also, I used real turquoise, but these earrings will still look great with imitation gemstones.

Step 1: Materials You Need

Picture of Materials You Need

2 - 22 gauge (2") silver eyepins

4 - 22 gauge silver pointed paddle head pins (1")

2 - 4mm round turquoise beads

2 – long (15-20mm) turquoise beads - teardrop, or barrel

2 - 4mm round red beads (I use fossil stone)

2 - 8mm round red beads (I use fossil stone)

2 - 4mm round silver beads

2 - 4 - 6mm bali decorative silver beads

2 - 4 - 6mm bali decorative silver beads (different style)

2 – 20-30mm silver feather charms

10 – 5mm silver round open jump rings

2 - Stainless steel ear wires

It's nice and nice, but it's a little troublesome. I'm suggesting that you explain more and if you put the movie better, I would be so grateful that you follow me. Hope to be successful.
Fun design! I love dangly earrings :)
Thanks! They'd go great with your masks :-)
elewis038 days ago
These are gorgeous! Great instructions too. :)
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  elewis037 days ago
Thank you! Please let me know if you try them and how they come out :-)
ola eu gostei muito obrigada
Obrigada! (That's the extent of my portuguese :-)
These are really awesome and I love that they only take a few minutes to make! :)
Thanks! Let me know if you try them :-)