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Picture of { MERMAID TIARA }

Who never dreamed of being a mermaid ? These fantastic female creatures are among the most beautiful and known ladies in myths and legends ... Or have you, at least, ever dreamed of wearing some of their beauty accessories?

Here is a D.I.Y tutorial I created to show you how to make a pretty mermaid tiara on your own ! Perfect for dressing up, cosplay, photoshoots, complete your mermaiding outfit or just dreaming.


Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

Picture of [ S U P P L I E S ]

(1) SHELLS picked up on a beach or purchased from a decorations store.
(2) PEARLS AND STRASS of different sizes, shapes and colors, in resin, acrylic or glass.
(3) CHARMS, settings, chains and metal rings of the color of your choice.
(4) HEADBAND simple or already with a support to decorate, metal or plastic.
(5) PAINT acrylic, metallic or pearlescent patina to match the pearls and rhinestones. *
(6) 3D PAINT pearl, ivory or pearly white (or color of your choice). **
(7) GLUE, glue gun or a strong glue tube.

( * I used paint DECO ART RAYHER "Brill. Gold" / patina cream INKA GOLD "Turquoise" / acrylic paint LUMIERE "Halo Blue Gold" / acrylic paint SILK "Iridescent Gold" || ** NUVO CRYSTAL DROPS "Ivory Seashell" )

So pretty :)
Insolitis (author)  quinzyvarira1 year ago

Thank you!

That looks really nice. Have you made any other themed tiaras?

Thank you ! :) Not yet, I am currently preparing a queen / king classic crown tutorial but if you have any ideas or request I can try to do other themed tiaras.